Last week, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a disturbing and a worrying report about the death of a woman from Washoe County, Nevada. It wasn’t cancer or heart disease that killed her but a special kind of bacteria. These bacteria can create a mass extinction of many species including human, just like it took the life of its first victim.

The War We Are Losing

According to The New York Times, this casualty is the first one in a war against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, many doctors and scientists believe a war that we are losing. They know about the curse of antibiotic i.e. the more they are used, the worse they get by spreading their resistance genes among bacteria communities.

Imagine a Post-Antibiotic World

When antibiotic are gone, we will definitely miss them. The death toll will go high, a lot high! Even minor scrapes and routine infections could be life threatening, and common surgeries would begin to look like a Russian roulette. Tuberculosis and pneumonia and all other common diseases we used to read in history books will be back. And world economy will be down 3.8 percent, only if we fail to act.

How To Prevent Post-Antibiotic Era?

Scientists are trying to develop new Antibiotics but sadly most large drug companies have fled the field because companies can’t make a profit on what they can’t sell. But the good news is, US Congress has taken initial steps to address this alarming issue. We all hope for the best and pray to Lord that this worse-than-zombie-apocalypse never happens. And we come up with a new antibiotic before it. We should be very careful because you cannot beat bacteria on cheap, they have survived for billions of years. They are good at adjusting to new threats.

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