You can say ‘oh it’s very easy to dig up any information from internet which you need for your research or anything (even its a delightful birthday wish for one’s grandma or more advanced topics like quantum theory or is it really worth going to mars as compared to venus?), sure there is a drawback, you always have to change applications, and switch between your writing program and Google Chrome.

Why Google’s New Keyboard Update is Important?

Well, Google is always looking for things that help its users, and as a personal experience, this Google Keyboard update is far better than Google Cardboard product, definitely..

Going into the real topic now, about Google keyboard update launched on 15 December 2016 till no one knows when. All Google did, they put a small G on the right corner of your screen of your keyboard but that’s not all.


This small “G” brings the best service that everybody needs, Information! (not to mention some of the really impressive and classy themes and more improved typing experience), for someone like me, who use Google Glide while typing, this update is heavens.

When you tap on the Google icon a search menu appears, it’s similar to Google voice command (that help when you need something, quickly).

You can now search for any topic and detail while staying on the same screen. For journalists, students, bloggers, freelance writers this Google Keyboard update is really helpful indeed.

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