You may know many facts about mars like there is water present under its surface or there is a face on Mars. But do you know there is so much we still don’t know about our neighbor planet? By the way, face on Mars was just the light effect, don’t believe the hoax. Let’s check out some interesting Facts About Red Planet.

Not So Cold After All

Our neighbor in Space is often misunderstood as a cold, dead, dry desert. No doubt it is cold there but it can get pretty warmed up. During the summer temperatures on red planet’s surface reach up to 20°C (68°F).


 Biggest Impact Crater

If you think Earth’s moon has the biggest impact craters, think again. Mars has the largest impact crater in the Solar System! It has a size of 3,300 km which is half the planet’s diameter. It is known as Utopia Planitia.


Tornado You Can See But Can’t Feel

There are tornados on Mars known as ‘dust devils’. They can get very large, reaching heights of several kilometers. But due to thin Martian atmosphere, you could stand inside it and would not be blown away. Martian atmosphere is so thin you could barely feel the wind.


Mighty Volcanoes

Mars has volcanoes, including the largest volcano in the Solar System known as Olympus Mons. And due to the curvature of the planet, you could not see to the bottom if you stood at its top. Do you know Olympus Mons is not only very high but also almost as large as Rhode Island?


Good Ol’ Days

Mars once had a warm and dense climate and a magnetic field. There are trails of liquid water on the surface. But when Mars magnetic field got weaker, solar wind stripped away the atmosphere along with liquid water. Maybe this will happen to our earth someday in near future.


Earth and Moon From Mars

You can easily see the Earth and the Moon from the surface of Mars with your naked eyes.


Moving Clouds &  Sand Dunes

Mars has clouds, sand dunes, and they are not static. There is wind which keeps them moving. Furthermore there are lightning strikes as well.


Only Robots Live There

It is interesting to know that Mars is the only known planet inhabited solely by robots.

That’s All With Facts About Red Planet

I hope you liked our facts about mars. If you still feel hungry for more Mars information and mars news than you have to wait for the year 2020. Yep, Mars 2020 is a drone mission to Mars by NASA’s to explore and investigate the ancient environment of the red planet.

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